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and you're standing here beside me

i love the passing of time

I hope I don't get blood all over me again.
24 May 1986
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Golden Moon

I'm Ryu, and when I was about seven my grandfather gave me a dead baby shark in a jar of formaldehyde. I would wrap it up in a yellow blanket and carry it around like a baby doll, but then one day I took it to school for show and tell. On the way home, it slipped out of the blanket and the glass shattered and I cried for days. The story now has a happy ending, because my brother gave me a new dead baby shark!

I'm very shy, but hopefully also friendly. If you friend my journal, I'll friend you back. I don't usually talk much about myself, but I do post a lot of art if you're interested in looking. I update my journal more faithfully than my other galleries.

I play...
♦ Kaworu Nagisa / moral_liberty @ damned
♦ Wizard Howl / slipperymagic @ damned
♦ Zevran Arainai / scavengerbird @ damned

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